About Us

About Us

How Did We Vibe?

Women and Friendships are unique in so many ways.
What energies draw us together? What is the VIBE we give off?
Remember, there is a reason, there is a season and there is a lifetime.
And so our story begins….

Amie is a business and transition coach.
Jacqui is a divorce coach.
Julianne is a dating coach, matchmaker and relationship expert.
Susan is a speaker, author and a Creative Trauma and Transformational Expert.

All solopreneurs being blessed enough to work our passions. We don’t get to just coach folks to fulfill their best life because we are everything in our business from networking champs, authors, marketers, administrative assistants, etc. We also don’t have anyone to push us when the going gets tough. We don’t have anyone to bounce ideas around with. We don’t have anyone to hold us accountable. And while it is so rewarding it can also be very lonely.

While we meet people day in and day out, the end result is trying to help people while building a sustainable business. Then it happens, you meet the perfect mix of yourself and the missing pieces. You just feel that VIBE, that special feeling and you know, something big, sweet, and wonderful is about to happen. That VIBE, that energy together that is just combustible, so powerful in the best of ways. Together, we can help others in even bigger and better ways.

Our issues, struggles, delights, heartaches, wins are yours and we are here to bring you into “Our Vibe”. We are not without each other. We complete, not compete. We are here to have the “hard to heart” conversations.

Join us and let’s embark upon this journey together…

Jacqui Atcheson

Jacqui helps clients reach a level of certainty regarding their goals, control over their future and peace of mind knowing they made the best possible decisions.

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Amie Blumberg

Amie coaches senior leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs to acquire the leadership tools they need to successfully advance in their careers.

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Susan Greif

Susan interprets her clients’ drawings to help them “see” their subconscious and notice where they hold their, or their ancestral, trauma.

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Julianne Cantarella

Julianne is the creator of a comprehensive one-of-a-kind, transformational-coaching program that has helped hundreds of women find love.

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